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The Battle is God’s Paul Greenlee Sept. 22, 2021

Listen to audio above while reading the transcript below. This message is available in a free booklet by emailing, or can be downloaded in PDF at and then clicking onto “miscellaneous messages”. Ed Miller has been a great influence in my life.  In 1980 I was thirteen when we started attending Family Ministries… Read more »

The Source of Light Intro Message #1a Ed Miller Bridgeville Fellowship Aug. 22, 2021

Click audio above to listen to the message while reading transcript below (also available for download in word at and search for Bridgeville Fellowship) As we come to look in the word, you know there is one principle of Bible study beyond all others.  Others are helpful, but this one is indispensable, and it’s… Read more »

The Song of the Weaned Child – Ed Miller – June 27, 2021

Listen to audio above while following along with transcript below (also available to download in Word at under “Bridgeville Family Ministries”) As we come to God’s word there’s a principle of Bible study that’s absolutely indispensable.  We can’t take it for granted, and we can’t live without it, and all other principles of Bible… Read more »

The Thorn in the Flesh Ed Miller Jan. 10, 2021

(Listen to audio above while reading the full transcript below. Transcript can be downloaded in a Word document from Before I apply the indispensable principle, I want to share a verse that has meant so much to me.  Psalm 134:3, “May the Lord bless you from Zion, He who made heaven and earth.”  I… Read more »

Jesus Comes Suddenly to the Temple – Message 5 of 5

Satan at the Pinnacle – Jesus’ Hour (all five audio messages given at Hashawha Milton September 5-7, 2020 can be listened to and/or downloaded at ) Full Transcript of Message #5: By the Holy Spirit, God has put His truth in creation, and we can see His truth in creation.  An unsaved person can… Read more »

When Was Jacob Blessed?

Ed Miller at Family Ministries Picnic at Al & Yvonne Matthew’s Home July 25, 2020