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Exodus Message #26 Ed Miller March 10, 2021 Parting of the Red Sea Part 2

(To download audio above or transcript below please go to biblestudyministriesinc.com ) As we come once again to look in God’s word I remind my heart and yours that there is a principle of Bible Study that is absolutely indispensable and that is total reliance on God’s Holy Spirit.  Only God can reveal God, and… Read more »

Exodus Message #24 Ed Miller February 24, 2021 Principles of Guidance

(Listen to audio above while following along with transcript below – available for download at www.biblestudyministriesinc.com) My grandson Jonathan is with us and he’ll be leaving this weekend.  I thought I would utilize one more time his voice.  You have in front of you a little chorus “He Has Broken Every Fetter”.  A fetter is… Read more »

Exodus Message #22 Ed Miller February 10, 2021 From Egypt to the Red Sea

Listen to audio and follow along below with full transcript (also available to download in Word document at www.biblestudyministriesinc.com)….. We’re in the book of Exodus, but we’re here to have a fresh look at the Lord Himself.  It’s all about seeing Him.  Before we go to prayer let me share a Bible verse.  When we… Read more »

Exodus Message #21 Ed Miller Feb. 3, 2021 The Pilgrim Life

Listen to audio and follow along with full transcript below….. As we come to look in the word and fellowship together we thank the Lord for the opportunity we have to be here and to open His word and trust Him.  I want to share a verse from Colossian and it will make more sense… Read more »

Matthew Message #55 Ed Miller

Pure Grace Below is full transcript that can be read while following along listening to the audio… Matthew 19.  Let me get before you, just to get you back into the spirit of the book, the great message of the book and where we left off last time.  We’ve been studying the third great section… Read more »