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Matthew Message #44

The Feeding of the Five Thousand and Peter Walking on Water – The Miracle Side of the Christian Life is for Everyone Full Transcript of Matthew #44: Let me remind you that we’re presently discussing Matthew 14:13 through 16:20.  For those of you who were here last time, you saw that we tried to look… Read more »

Matthew Message #42

Beheading of John the Baptist/ The Conscience Transcript of Matthew Message #42…. Matthew chapter 5 – 16:20 forms a great section of the book of Matthew.  The Holy Spirit presents, not only this, but the whole book of Matthew in a very logical way.  In this section he gives us the life and ministry of… Read more »

Matthew Message #41 Ed Miller

The parable of the hidden treasure, the parable of the pearl of great price, the parable of the dragnet and the parable of the head of the household. COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT OF MATTHEW #41…. Let me set the boundaries of what we were talking about last time and then pick up from there, where we left… Read more »

Matthew Message #40 Ed Miller

The Parable of the Mustard Seed and the Parable of the Leaven Transcript of Matthew #40… Psalm 18:28, “For Thou does light my lamp; the Lord my God illumines my darkness.  Psalm 119:125, “I am Thy servant; Give me understanding, that I might know Thy testimonies.”  Turn to Matthew 13.  We’ve come too deeply into… Read more »

Transcript of Book of Joshua Message #30 Ed Miller December 18, 2019

City of Refuge and the Kinsman Redeemer As we get ready to look in the word I’d like to look at a word that will prepare our hearts and it will make more sense as we go through the study, but the Lord has really touched my heart with this passage.  Matthew 12:20 and it’s… Read more »

Transcript: Book of Joshua Message #32 Ed Miller January 15, 2020

The altar of witness and Joshua’s farewell address: Our heavenly Father, we thank You for every part of Your word and as we come closer and closer to the end of our look at Christ through the book of Joshua, we pray, Lord, that You would open our heart to receive every revelation you desire… Read more »


Taken from Winter 2012 “More Excellent Way” Magazine The wayward people of the Lord were frustrated at the pointed warnings of the Lord’s prophets.  They were being warned of the futility of placing their trust in flesh. “Egypt’s help,” said the prophet, “is vain and empty.” (Isaiah 30:1-7)  There is only shame and reproach to… Read more »

Full Transcript of Joshua Message #20 Ed Miller May 29, 2019

Joshua Message #20 by Ed Miller As we come to look in God’s word I remind you and my own heart that in all of the principles of Bible study and with all the helps and commentators and word studies and sermons and all kinds of aids, there is only one indispensable principle, and that… Read more »

Full Transcript of Joshua Message #19 Ed Miller May 22, 2019

Joshua Message #19 by Ed Miller Before we look in the word I want to share a verse from Hebrews 4:2 and this is our indispensable principle, “The word did not profit them because it was not united by faith in them that heard.”  It’s not only hearing the word but it’s believing the word… Read more »

Full Transcript of Joshua Message #18 Ed Miller May 15, 2019

Joshua Message #18 by Ed Miller When we come to the study of God’s word I remind you of that principle of Bible study that is indispensable, and that is total reliance on God’s Holy Spirit.  The Bible was written by the Lord and it must be interpreted by the Lord.  It’s a spiritual book… Read more »