Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


We trust you are enjoying the Lord and are convinced that all He is directing and allowing is redemptive. There is a Divine shaking going on. Those who belong to Him respond one way; those who are strangers to Him, another. It touches each one of us. We see through the events to the One who reigns over all, giving us rest. Great fear and anxiety have gripped the hearts of many who do not know where to turn. Redemptive times are exciting times. ” . . .I am doing something in your days—you would not believe if you were told. . .” (Habakkuk 1:5)

It has been a while since we have gathered together at the Diner for our Bible Studies.We have decided to resume our studies for those who desire to come and feel comfortable to gather safely together. However, we will not be meeting at Delmar Diner. I had a couple of face to face meetings with the owner of the Diner to gather information about their rules and policies. She explained the limitations and restrictions that must be followed, and could be subject to change. I expressed our deep appreciation for the gracious hospitality during the many sessions we were privileged to enjoy in her facility. Our first meeting at the Diner was November 11, 2015—so, we have enjoyed the Lord’s provision of this study room for a long time.

We have heard from several who attended at the Diner and will not be able to join us when we resume. We know that others, for health or other reasons, will also not attend. Because of the many changes and very possible reduction of the number of those who will attend, after much discussion, we thought it would it would be more practical to gather in a home rather than in the Diner.

We have accepted the gracious invitation of Janet Huhn and Pat Guidera to meet in their beautiful and spacious home. Many of you have been in their home in the past, so you are familiar with the location. For those who are not familiar, the address is: 1000 N Schumaker Drive; Salisbury, MD 21804. There is limited parking available at the top of the driveway right in front of the house. There is additional parking off the road at the bottom of the driveway. If you have questions you can call Janet directly (410-543-4577) or me (302-907-0573)There is far more liberty to gather in a home; we have every intention to gather safely when we meet. Of course, all are welcome, however at this time, as I noted, we cannot project how many will attend.

I will know about my teaching schedule during the months of October and November in the days ahead. I am scheduled to have a conference in early October in Vancouver. We will see! There have been many cancellations and postponements. I will keep you posted.Here is the schedule for September. Lord willing, we will meet at the usual time and day: 10:00 AM on Wednesdays at Janet’s and Pat’s home. We will resume on Wednesday, September 16; Wednesday, September 23 and Wednesday, September 30. In other words, the last three Wednesdays in September. I will pick up the lessons in the book of Exodus where we left off before the virus.We do hope to see many of you at that time.

Do know that the Lord delights in you. Rest! Abide! Worship!Please be in believing prayer as we prepare to gather again. Thank you!

In Union with Jesus,

Ed Miller for my Lillian too