Back to Bethlehem Audios

Click the link below to access any or all of the10 audios from Ed Millers “10 Fundamental Principles of Living the Christ Centered Life” that he gave in France in Oct. 2018. You may listen to them or download them and make CD’s. You can follow along with the book as they are practically word… Read more »

Free E-Book: Back to Bethlehem by Edward Miller

Dear Friends: Click here or on the book cover photo to access a free eBook which I’ve just published taken from Ed Miller’s Conference he had in France in October. He shared ten fundamental/foundational principles of living the Christian/Christ Centered life of grace. These principles have been incredibly helpful to me in being able to… Read more »

Full Transcript of Joshua #13 Ed Miller March 13, 2019

Welcome to the approach of our Lord Jesus through the book of Joshua.  Before we go to prayer and apply the indispensable principle, total reliance on the Lord, I want to share a verse from Joshua 6:20 (we’ll look more closely at it next time), a portion of verse 20, “The people shouted with a… Read more »