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Matthew Message #52 Ed Miller

Forgiving spirit… visit www.biblestudyministriesinc.com to read and/or download in Word the full transcript of Matthew message #52 and all the rest of the messages done so far… Full Transcript of Matthew 52 to follow along with audio above… We’re studying the section chapter 16:21- chapter 25, which you can see is a big portion of… Read more »

Jesus Comes Suddenly to the Temple – Message 5 of 5

Satan at the Pinnacle – Jesus’ Hour (all five audio messages given at Hashawha Milton September 5-7, 2020 can be listened to and/or downloaded at https://biblestudyministries.sharefile.com/share/view/scdab5bccc1a44ab8/foda0aea-dc82-4885-bb60-2395b206a7c7 ) Full Transcript of Message #5: By the Holy Spirit, God has put His truth in creation, and we can see His truth in creation.  An unsaved person can… Read more »

Exodus Message #9 Ed Miller Sept. 23, 2020

Fourth Confirming Sign – Circumcision/The Flesh (Listen to audio above and follow along with full transcript below which is also available for download in a Word document at www.biblestudyministriesinc.com) As we come to look in God’s word there’s a principle of Bible Study that is absolutely indispensable, and that is total reliance of God’s Holy… Read more »

Matthew Message #51

What is Childlikeness? TRANSCRIPT: The spiritual are those who are seeing the glory of the Lord, and trusting in Jesus, and knowing Him as all-sufficient.  Of course that’s the essence of spirituality!  That cuts across the grain, doesn’t it, of all that’s cold and lifeless and religious, all that would substitute activity for real life. … Read more »

Matthew Message #50 Ed Miller

The Coin Lodged in the Fish’s Gill – The Lord’s Omni-attributes Transcript of Matthew Message #50… Matthew 17:24-27; let me try to get this whole section in perspective for you, and then we’ll try to continue where we left off in our study last time.  We’re studying chapter 16:21-chapter 25, the third great section in… Read more »

Matthew Message #49 Ed Miller

Fasting and Praying TRANSCRIPT OF MATTHEW #49…. We’ve come to the third great section of Matthew’s gospel, Matt. 16:21 through chapter 25.  We call that section ”The nature of the kingdom”.  The whole book is about the kingdom of heaven.  To put it into simple words, it’s a spiritual kingdom.  God’s kingdom is a kingdom… Read more »

Matthew Message #48 Ed Miller

The Transfiguration; Chapter 16:21-17:12 I can’t spend a whole lot of time on review because 47 lessons have gone before, so it would be very unprofitable to spend all our time reviewing 47 lessons.  One thing that is good about having Bible study tapes is that those who would like to catch up certainly can… Read more »

When Was Jacob Blessed?

Ed Miller at Family Ministries Picnic at Al & Yvonne Matthew’s Home July 25, 2020